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School Rules

1.    Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the 
        Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist over the heart.

2.   All students are to report to school by 7.30am and be punctual for all school 

3.   Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform 
       is not allowed.

4.   Students should be clean-shaven.

5.  They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to 
      be used to cause harm to others.

6.   Hair colouring, tinted hair or hair extension is not permitted in school. Hair band or 
       any other hair accessories must be black or white.

7.   Students are not allowed to put on nail varnish. All fingernails are to be trimmed and 
       kept clean.  

8.   Students are not allowed to wear jewellery or accessories in school. 
       Only plain ear studs are allowed. Multiple earrings/studs are not allowed.

9.   Cheating during school examinations is an offence. Any student who is caught 
       cheating will face severe consequences. 

10.   The school takes bullying seriously. Any act of bullying or intimidation can lead to 
       immediate suspension even if it is a first offence.   

11. Vandalism, arson, theft, cheating and bullying are serious offences. Students will 
       face severe consequences if they have committed any of these offences.