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Primary 2 (SA2)


The school takes a serious view of students’ punctuality and attendance in all school examinations.

  • Students are not allowed to take the examination at an earlier time. This is to ensure that the assessment is valid, reliable and fair, and to prevent leakage of the examination questions.

  • All examinations will start and end at the stipulated time in our schedule or as announced by the Chief Presiding Examiner of the school examination.

  • Students who arrive within 30 minutes after the start time will be permitted to enter the examination room but will not be granted any time extension unless a valid reason is provided. The school’s decision is final.

  • Students who are late for more than 30 minutes after the start time will not be allowed to sit for the examination unless a valid reason is provided. The school’s decision is final.


Cheating is a major and serious offence.

  • A student who is caught cheating, attempting to cheat or assist in cheating during an examination will face disciplinary action by the school.

  • Examples of cheating may include:

     -    attempting to obtain unfair assistance or is found to have behaved

     -    copying answer/s from another student or allowing his/ her answer/s to be
          copied by another student

     -    being in possession of any unauthorised notes, non-approved dictionaries or
          calculators, and communication equipment capable of storing and displaying
          visual, audio and verbal information such as cameras and handphones.


The safety and well-being of our students is of utmost importance. Students who are unwell need to exercise personal and social responsibility.

  • Students who are unwell should consult a doctor, obtain a Medical Certificate and rest at home.

  • Students with infectious diseases (e.g. chicken pox, HFMD, mumps) should not sit for the examination and obtain a Medical Certificate from a doctor.

  • Any student who is absent for any examination (Written papers/ Listening Comprehension papers/ Oral papers), needs to produce a valid Medical Certificate (MC) issued from a medical doctor, to cover him/ her for that day. Traditional-Chinese-Medicine physician-issued MCs and parental letters are not acceptable.

  • There will be NO make-up for all Written papers and Listening papers for SA1 and SA2. Students who are on Medical Leave for the English (EL) or Mother Tongue (MT) Oral Examinations will be tested during the designated Make-up Oral Examination days.

  • For absences other than medical reasons with medical certificate, the student must produce a letter to explain his/ her absence with a valid reason, subject to the school’s approval. Examples of absences without a valid reason may include:
                - having no transport arrangement

                - accompanying parent/s overseas

                - going overseas for personal competitions

                - attending external examinations such as piano exams


  • For students who are absent with medical certificate for any component of the paper, overall marks for the year for the subject absent for will be computed accordingly, taking into account the absence from the examination with a medical certificate. It will be reflected as “MC” (Medical Certificate).

  • For students who are absent without medical certificate or valid reason, NO marks will be awarded for the absent paper or paper component(s). It will be reflected as “AB” (Absent) for the absent component(s).

  • For students who are late for more than 30 minutes without a valid reason, NO marks will be awarded for the missed paper or paper component(s). It will be reflected as “AB” (Absent) for the missed component(s).



  • Students who want to request for access arrangement must make an application and give relevant supporting reports by the end of March. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their access arrangement applications.

  • Students granted with access arrangement e.g. extra time, may be asked to sit for the paper in a separate room.

  • All applications for access arrangement must be renewed on an annual basis.


  • A student who is absent for any paper for the SA1 and/ or SA2 examinations,  will not be eligible for any school-based and MOE academic awards.  
     (e.g. Top 3 in Level Overall, Best in Subject, Best Progress Award, Edusave Award etc)