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Info for Parents

Updated School Canteen menu and price list 

Parents may refer to the canteen stall menu and price list attached. This will give you and your child greater flexibility to plan and buy his/her food for breakfast, recess and/or lunch on days he/she has school activities (e.g. CCAs and remedial lessons) in the afternoon.

Please click here to access canteen menu and price list. 
(With effect from Monday, 22 August 2022)

2022 WE-STories 

WE-STories is a collection of stories from all the secondary schools in the West Zone to give primary students and parents fresh insights on the endeavours of each school in creating authentic learning experiences.

For parents with children at the upper primary levels, we hope WE-STories will be a good resource for you to have conversation with your child on choosing Secondary Schools that can cater to his/her interests and strengths.

Please click here to access the book for your reading pleasure. 

Video for Social Studies Primary

The video aims to help parents and educators realise the importance of Social Studies in developing their children beyond grades and examinations.  As a subject, Social Studies equips our children with key 21st century knowledge, values and skills to take on the challenges of working and living harmoniously with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds in Singapore, our region and beyond. The link to the video can be found here.

Cyberwellness Education at Home

Click here to learn more about how you can reinforce Cyber Wellness education at home.

2021/2022 End-of-Year Purchase of Textbooks and School Uniform  

Click here for more information.