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Nurturing Values and Character through Aesthetics

Bukit View Primary School's Learning for Life Programme - Nurturing Values and Character through Aesthetics, aims to develop confidence, resilience and empathy in our students through Art, Music and Dance.

Over the six years in BVPS, students will learn to play musical instruments like the recorder, ukulele and keyboard. They will also learn to dance through our dance programme and work with ceramics for visual arts. These experiences will contribute to nurturing our school values of innovation, graciousness, responsibility, integrity and perseverance. Additionally, BVPS students will go through a journey of self-discovery of their strengths in the Arts. They will also develop resilience when they work on areas for improvement through self-and-peer reflections.

Opportunities will be provided for students to build confidence and pride through sharing and showcasing of their skills with and to fellow students and the community.  Such opportunities would contribute to nurturing empathy in BVPS students.