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WZCOE for Aesthetics

Bukit View Primary School’s efforts in contributing to the Aesthetics scene in the west zone was recognized in 2011 with its appointment as the Centre of Excellence for Aesthetics in the West Zone. This was a step forward after it was awarded the School-based Excellence Award 
for Aesthetics in 2007.

Over the years, the work of the WZCOE (Aesthetics) straddled between student and teacher development in the aesthetics. Since 2018, the focus of the WZCOE (Aesthetics) was streamlined to concentrate solely on art and music teacher professional development. 

With its focus on teacher professional development, the WZCOE (Aesthetics) identifies itself as an informal platform for art and music teachers to collaborate and deepen their exchange of knowledge and skills in pedagogy and syllabi implementation. Taking on a largely ‘for-teachers-by-teachers’ format, the WZCOE (Aesthetics) promotes a warm atmosphere that is conducive for conversations and networking amongst art and music colleagues in the west zone. Through the activities, the WZCOE (Aesthetics) hopes to inspire the joy of learning amongst arts and music teachers.

Some of the activities that the WZCOE (Aesthetics) has conducted are:

*  Open Classrooms, where primary and secondary teachers are encouraged to observe cross-level lessons for better understanding of what happens in the classrooms of the various stages of students’ development and learning;

*  Interest-Group Workshops, where teachers come together to share, learn and/or hone their skills

*  Workshops by Practitioner Professions, where teachers learn or hear from industry partners.  

The WZCOE (Aesthetics) continues to seek new ideas and collaborations with partners to create opportunities for the deepening and exchanging of knowledge, skills and ideas for art and music teachers in the west zone.