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Mother Tongue Department

Key Programmes

Mother Tongue Extensive Reading Programme 
Extensive Reading Programme for P1 to P6 provides a platform for our pupils to read Mother Tongue Language books and reading materials widely so as to enable pupils to widen their vocabulary. Accompanying materials are also used to enrich pupils' learning and imagination. Pupils will also get to do reviews and be given opportunities to re-create what they have read with guidance from teachers.


First introduced in 2008 by MOE’s Educational Technological Division (ETD), 10’CMT is a teaching and learning approach that harnesses ICT to promote students’ interest in the Mother Tongue Languages and improve language competencies. It adopts a learner-centred approach which is well balanced with teachers’ guidance and facilitation during curriculum time. In Bukit View, 10’CMT provides ample opportunities for the students to consolidate and expand their learning through the use of networked computers. We hope that 10’CMT will improve the students’ language skills and also develop them to be self-directed and collaborative learners in a communicative and interactive environment.

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Mother Tongue Fortnight 
This is the sixth consecutive year that the MT Department organises the Mother Tongue Fortnight for our students in Bukit View Primary School. The Mother Tongue Fortnight, an MOE initiative since 2011, serves as an apt reminder that it is essential for our pupils to stay rooted in their own respective cultures, while embracing Singapore as a multicultural and multilingual society.   The MT Department will be organizing a two-week programme in Term 1 comprising a range of interesting and engaging activities in authentic situations for our students during the MTL Fortnight. These hands-on tasks will be a good platform to promote the cultural richness found in each respective language. 

A glimpse of some exciting activities:   
  • Traditional & Cultural Activities
  • Song and Dance Appreciation Concert
  • Creative Writing & Presentation of Book Reviews
  • Drama (Role Play)
  • Making of Tangyuan and Food Appreciation
  • Making of Chinese Traditional  Food Miniatures
  • Malay Traditional Games, Costumes & Food
  • Kolam, Decoration of lamp & Henna Designs    
Cultural Camps
  • Traditional Paper Cutting
  • Clay Sculpture
  • Cross talk and puppets-string puppets
  • Learning Journey to Kampong Glam
  • Music and Movement to Tamil Rhymes
  • Heritage Tour @ Little India
P3 Action Competition The Legend of Bukit Merah.jpg P4 Action! Competition.jpg P5 Action Competition The Pretty Witch.jpg

Festive Celebrations 
Every year in Bukit View Primary School, we celebrate Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali together as part of our National Education. It allows the students to have a better understanding of other races and cultures in Singapore and appreciate the multi-racial and multi-cultural society in Singapore.

TIE Programmes 
Trips for Internationalisation (TIE) programme, is in line with Bukit View Primary School’s focus to provide a holistic education for educations. The main objectives of the TIE programme are:      
  • Developing in our students the 21CC of global awareness and cross-cultural skills and sensitivities
  • Exposing our students to Asia and sensitising them to where Singapore is in the world
  • To cultivate a spirit of resilience and perseverance to deal with challenges in different environments
  • Deepening the students’ commitment and rootedness in Singapore. 
Bukit View Primary School has twinned with Chengdu Xinhualu Primary School since 2011. Every year, a group of P5 students would visit Chengdu Xinhualu Primary School for Cultural Immersion. In 2016, the entire P5 level visited Penang for Immersion Programme for the first time in May.