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Character and Citizenship Education


Every Student, a Leader to Self and Others


To nurture confident, compassionate and responsible citizens in a caring and safe environment.

Behavioural Outcomes

Innovation Able to solve problems
Able to come up with creative solutions
Able to think critically and constructively
Graciousness Greet teachers and friends
Show care and concern for others (including the environment)
Respect other people’s ideas and opinions
Show racial appreciation
 Love Singapore
Responsibility Abides by the school / class rules
Cooperates and builds positive relationship during group work
Completes tasks/assignments on time
Integrity Trustworthy
Willingly admits mistakes/offences committed
Perseverance Never gives up when faced with difficulties or failures
Able to work independently
Leadership Has initiative and is forthcoming in doing tasks
Able to make good judgment in carrying out duties/tasks
Stands up for what he/she believes in

School-Wide Programmes

Connect Time

A special mentoring programme to enhance teacher-student relationship . The goal is to help students involved in this programme to acquire the skills and confidence needed to be responsible for their own future.

tn.Connect Time (1).png.2.jpg tn.Connect Time (2).png.2.jpg

Mentee: P1 to P6 pupils
Mentor: Form Teachers
Ratio: 4 or 5 mentees* per mentor
Students interact with Form Teacher on rotational basis
Mentor interacts with a different group of mentees every week
When P2, P4 & P6: Mondays
P1, P3 & P5: Fridays
Opportunity Period-7.30 am to 8.00 am
( During this period, the affected levels are occupied with non-curricular activities such as Morning Run )
Flag-raising ceremony is held in the classroom for mentor and mentees to enable
Where Outside the classrooms

Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)

tn.FTGP (1).png.2.jpg tn.FTGP (2).png.2.jpg
tn.FTGP (3).png.2.jpg tn.FTGP (4).png.2.jpg

Befrienders’ Club, an outreach programme, in partnership with City Community Service

tn.Befrienders (1).png.2.jpg
Students engrossed in paper-cutting art
tn.Befrienders (2).png.2.jpg
Learning about Chinese culture – enjoying a ”Lo Hei” meal

Character First (P1 and P2)

tn.Character First (1).png.2.jpg
Character First Celebration during CD Hour
tn.Character First (2).png.2.jpg
Memory Work Performance

Community Involvement Programme

tn.CIP (P1).png.2.jpg
tn.CIP (P2).png.2.jpg
tn.CIP (P3).png.2.jpg
tn.CIP (P4).png.2.jpg
P4 Animals with Love Project
tn.CIP (P5).png.2.jpg
P5 Guide Them Project
tn.CIP (P6).png.2.jpg
P6 Listening Ears, Caring Minds

Environment Education Programme (EEP)

tn.EEP (1).png.2.jpg tn.EEP (2).png.2.jpg
tn.EEP (3).png.2.jpg tn.EEP (4).png.2.jpg

CME through Drama

tn.CME (1).png.2.jpg
Using “Conscious Alley” to facilitate the teaching the teaching of moral values 
tn.CME (2).png.2.jpg
Pupils learning about Total Defence
tn.CME (3).png.2.jpg tn.CME (4).png.2.jpg

Student Leadership

tn.Student Leadership (1).png.2.jpg
Our Prefects
tn.Student Leadership (3).png.2.jpg
Students attending leadership workshops
tn.Student Leadership (2).png.2.jpg
tn.Student Leadership (4).png.2.jpg

NE Commemorative Events

tn.Total Defence (1).png.2.jpg
Our male teachers in their uniforms
tn.Total Defence (2).png.2.jpg
The significance of Total Defence
tn.IFD (1).png.2.jpg tn.IFD (2).png.2.jpg
Getting to know the flags of nations on International Friendship Day

NE Amazing Race

tn.NE Amazing Race (1).png.2.jpgtn.NE Amazing Race (2).png.2.jpg
Teachers, Parents and Pupils collaboration during Amazing Race and understand more about the Indian Culture.
tn.NE Amazing Race (3).png.2.jpgtn.NE Amazing Race (4).png.2.jpg